Bible for Cognitive Coaching - Books written by Mr. Kazuyoshi Hisano

CEO Coaching(English)

Kazuyoshi Hisano, a leader in the world of Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence, created a new methodology to help CEOs and other leaders to reach new heights for their organizations and themselves.
Kazu currently coaches 25 CEOs. He recognizes that these leaders are already successful, but they also can expand their visions and their capabilities by being able to set new high goals for their future. His methodology shows them to set those goals and attain them. Different than most coaches, Kazu does not bring an “agenda,” knowledge acquired from past experiences. He simply knows how to ask very pertinent questions to have you reach deep inside yourself to find ways to reach out and establish a new future.

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Gold Vision(English)

Gold Vision is the title of Hisano’s first book, and the term was created to explain how to succeed in life. The core of Gold Vision is to shift your comfort zone, a place where you feel in control of your life, to a new ideal state, to a new comfort zone, that allows you to achieve your future goals. This shift takes place when you set high goals. Gold Vision means “Shiny vision like gold.” Gold Vision starts with the importance of setting a high goal.

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Feed Forward (English)

Coming in Fall 2023

Feed Forward is the title of Hisano’s second book. After you set a high goal, you bring attention to attaining your future goal by moving things forward. Feed Forward is the skill and way of perceiving things from the future and to shift the comfort zone to an ideal future. You stop living from your past and move what happens into the future to attain your goals.

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